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National park Štirovača

In its southern reaches, the Northern Velebit National Park includes a section of Štirovača – a vast valley lying at around 1100 m above sea level, known for its far-stretching pristine coniferous forests. Štirovača is one of the few localities in the Park that has a water spring and several creeks that feed the surrounding wet grasslands. In the past, Štirovača was a place bustling with activity, especially during the warm summer months. It had a sawmill, a restaurant and houses where shepherds and their families, woodworkers and sawmill workers lived… Štirovača is today a popular excursion spot for the local population and a pleasant leisure area for visitors. To make the unique atmosphere of Štirovača valley even more enjoyable, we have made some improvements: the well has been rebuilt, benches and fireplaces installed so you can prepare a delicious meal after a day’s hiking and outdoor activities.

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